1How do I attend the Time for Change event?
It is necessary to fill out the participation form on this site and make payment by credit card, paypal or by bank transfer to be made within 5 days of registration. Seats are not numbered. It should be noted that all the seats enjoy excellent visibility, given the limited area where the concert will take place. In case of payment by bank transfer, the organization will send, to the contacts indicated in the request, the confirmation of the registration only after receiving the payment.
2Who will go to the funds raised?
TIME FOR CHANGE is a concept that aims to draw the attention of the population and the media to the great themes of peace, solidarity and inclusion and to do so chooses the language of music and art. In an era where the speed of communication leads us to be continually distracted, the music and voice of global leaders can help us shine a light on issues of social interest and urge people to take action in favor of those most in need. This year TIME FOR CHANGE has chosen to support the Rotary Foundation which has as its focus areas: Peace and conflict resolution, Water/Hygiene, Literacy, Health, Maternal and Child Health, Sustainable Development, Environment and in particular has chosen to direct the sums collected to the polio eradication campaign supported by Rotary and its partners of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (WHO, UNICEF, CDC, GATES FOUNDATION, GAVI).
3I am a company interested in participating with multiple guests, can I receive an invoice?
Yes, all participation titles will be accompanied by a regular invoice. If you are interested in participating with more than 5 guests you can contact the organization directly (as specified on the site).
4I can no longer attend the event, is it possible to use the tickets on a different date?
No, it's not possible. The Consumer acknowledges that if the contract concerns the supply of products and services relating to leisure time, such as entrance tickets, for which the supplier undertakes to provide the latter on a specific date or period of execution, the right of withdrawal provided for by Article 52 of the Consumer Code does not apply. All transactions executed are therefore to be considered final and it is not possible to modify any order that has already been confirmed.
5I have received confirmation of my participation and made the payment, but I can no longer participate, can I transfer the place to another person?
Yes, by sending a specific communication to the email registration@thetimeforchange.com, with the confirmed booking code, the new name and the relative photocopy of the identity document by 24 hours on 05/09/2023. The request for a change of name can only be made once. Upon registration on site, an identity document will be required.
6What are the forms of payment?
Payment can be made in 3 possible ways:
  • Bank transfer payable to
    “ILLIRIC S.R.L.S. – IBAN : IT60N03124032100000000241767 BIC/SWIFT BAFUITRRXXX.
    CAUSE : participation fee for charity event Parco del Colosseo September 10, 2023.
    Booking code n° .......
  • credit card (Amex / Visa / Mastercard, Cartasì, etc..)
  • Paypal
7Is there a specific dress code?
Formal attire is recommended.
8Where does the entrance take place from and how will it be regulated?
The main access gate for the guests of the evening is at the Arch of Constantine. Guests will then be directed and escorted to the south/east “Stern spur” entrance of the Colosseum, where specific security checks and registration for access will take place. From the Stern entrance we will proceed with the visit inside the Colosseum and at the end of the visit you will be guided to the entrance of the Temple of Venus and Rome from the Via Sacra.
9Is it possible to get there by car?
Yes, by private car, NCC or Taxi, at the crossing of the Arc of Constantine, with an absolute prohibition of parking and with the only possibility of descent and ascent of accredited passengers.
10To what time do we need to reach the area?
It is recommended to arrive at the security check no later than 6 p.m. After the start of the show you will not be able to access the site.

The schedules may be subject to changes in advance for logistical and/or security reasons arranged by the Colosseum Park and/or the Police Headquarters

what's next

“The world is asking us for help but we are not listening to it”.
It’s time to take action and as a civil society we can’t delegate responsibilities.

Time for Change wants to become a fixed date, able to host the excellence of music, art and entertainment, to put them at the service of local and international communities and support the challenge of a more inclusive world.

Peace is the result of a process connected to a series of conditions: access to universal public health, food security, literacy, sustainable development, including fights for climate changes and environmental protection.

Supporting Time for Change means being able to become the main character of a social responsibility, increasing your own reputation and the visibility of the brand to have your guests living a unique experience in an archaeological context of absolute beauty.

get ready for

Time for Change 2024

Join all those who have believed in our cause and become the architect of change too.


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