On September 10th the city of Rome hosted one of the biggest benefit events for global humanitarian causes: Time for Change which took place in the suggestive Colosseum Archaeological Park on an exclusive night, a stunning concert featuring various artists with dance shows, performances and music for just 400 guests.

For the 2023 edition, the event has chosen to support the End Polio project, the campaign promoted by Rotary International for the eradication of polio all over the world, for which more than 500.000 $ were raised.

Besides international star Annie Lennox, the event featured author and singer Mahmood, oscar awarded musician Nicola Piovani, sculptor Jago, Michelin Star chef Cristina Bowerman, dancer Dergin Tokmak, Leslie Sackey, the young musical duo The Violin Twins, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, and art director Luca Tommassini: in unison, to support this challenge for a more inclusive world.

the idea

Play the future. It’s Time for Change!
A hymn for change to support the global challenge towards a more inclusive world, to bring the focus on social issues, in order to spark in people the drive to act for those in need.

It’s time to think about the future, to create a new world led by rights, equity and inclusion! Time for Change is rooted in the need to find new methods of communication and expression to support humanitarian and social causes by raising awareness in the community and general public opinion. In times in which we are completely absorbed and consumed by stress, living in a fast paced environment, distracted by social media and by an excess of communication, we need to stop and reflect. The world is asking for our help but we are ignoring it. Looking for a universal language to spread inclusive messages and themes, I think that art, music, and live shows are the right tools to use. They are able to give emotion and to touch people's hearts and souls.

Danilo Cirilli

Colosseum and Temple of Venus and Roma

The Colosseum, with its ancient history and beauty, has been the location of the Time for Change event, by creating an interaction between the existing world and the one we want to build. Once a stage for blood, violence and cruelty, with Time for Change, this landmark has now become a symbol of hope and peace.



press conference

red carpet


the show

Time for Change has taken place on stage in the Temple of Venus and Roma with the world’s most stunning backdrop. The stage has been designed and created to reflect the location and to celebrate it. A perfect, straight line that aims towards the horizon and meets with the eternity of the Colosseum. Time for Change has been created and directed by using cinematic language. with a rhythmical and catchy approach.

Akin to a movie, this event’s rhythm was characterized by an emotional crescendo composed of music, lights, backdrops, dance shows and movements; the perfect mix of prestigious artistic creations, in ensemble, to put on stage a show that is one-of-a-kind. An epic tale, that walked hand in hand with time and light, and experienced during the perfect moment of the magic hour: beginning with an enchanting twilight and ending with the deep nightfall, adorned by a firmament crowned with starlight, in which national and international singers, musicians, étoiles and dancers have graced the stage. The show was directed and filmed by using long sequence shots, a common technique used in the most famous movies.

End Polio Now cause

Polio is a severe infectious disease which provokes paralysis. In 1985 Rotary officially started the POLIO PLUS program, the first and biggest commitment in the private sector coordinated at a global level by public health.

In 1988 the GPEI Global Polio Eradication Iniziative was created composed by Rotary, the World Health Organization, the Centres for Illnesses Control and Prevention in USA and Unicef. At that time, there were 350.000 cases in 125 countries. Today, the polio virus is endemic in only two countries, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Since 1988, Polio cases have reduced of 99,9%, but, until we don’t eradicate polio entirely, every child is at risk. During these years Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI –Alliance for vacines- also joined GPEI. GPEI cooperates with governments from all over the world and organizations of civil society as Global Citizen and other partners. With the Gladiator in Concert al Colosseo event in 2018, more than 400.000 dollars have been already collected to support the End Polio campaign.

the result

Time for Change’s concept starts from the idea that art can reach people's hearts, raising awareness to unite public opinion for a common cause. For this initiative, more than 500.000 dollars have been collected to support the fight against polio. A tangible result for End Polio campaign promoted by Rotary International.


Monitoring the keywords “#timeforchange” and “Time for change” associating them to the main keywords connected to the event (the main characters, Rome, Colosseum) 500 results among social, blog and web articles have been found.

The contents have registered a total engagement of 26,5K (interactions on contents) and a potential reach of 304.4M (partially reached users). Software automatic analysis shows a totally positive sentiment (68,5%) or neutral (31,5%).

what's next

“The world is asking us for help but we are not listening to it”. It’s time to take action and as a civil society we can’t delegate responsibilities.

Time for Change wants to become a fixed date, able to host the excellence of music, art and entertainment, to put them at the service of local and international communities and support the challenge of a more inclusive world. Peace is the result of a process connected to a series of conditions: access to universal public health, food security, literacy, sustainable development, including fights for climate changes and environmental protection.

Supporting Time for Change means being able to become the main character of a social responsibility, increasing your own reputation and the visibility of the brand to have your guests living a unique experience in an archaeological context of absolute beauty.

get ready for

Time for Change 2024

Join all those who have believed in our cause and become the architect of change too.


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