The artists of the 2023 edition

Annie Lennox

"Solidarity is the awareness of the world around me: I have always wanted to contribute to it, music connects, and we have big challenges in front of us."


"Change is a very important thing. I think that, more than talking about it in general, the most important thing is to talk about it in songs, with productions. Creating a specific genre and path in music is always a change for each artist."

Nicola Piovani

"My line of work deals in the ephemeral, in entertainment. When the chance to put together music and social causes is offered, I’m beyond elated. It allows me to curb the complex I have towards those who work for the survival of others."

Luca Tommassini


"Gestures, intentions, and desires have to be moved by the ability to resist, granted to us by history, to thus stand against the test of time, so it may echo in our memory to allow us to build further."

Cristina Bowerman

Dergin Tokmak

Maria Grazia Cucinotta

Leslie Sackey

The Violin Twins

what's next

“The world is asking us for help but we are not listening to it”.
It’s time to take action and as a civil society we can’t delegate responsibilities.

Time for Change wants to become a fixed date, able to host the excellence of music, art and entertainment, to put them at the service of local and international communities and support the challenge of a more inclusive world.

Peace is the result of a process connected to a series of conditions: access to universal public health, food security, literacy, sustainable development, including fights for climate changes and environmental protection.

Supporting Time for Change means being able to become the main character of a social responsibility, increasing your own reputation and the visibility of the brand to have your guests living a unique experience in an archaeological context of absolute beauty.

get ready for

Time for Change 2024

Join all those who have believed in our cause and become the architect of change too.


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